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World Most Definitely Gone Mad

If to be honest, according to the price list of the company I though company does good job. Hence I didn’t have any doubt about quality of the service they offer because services were far more expensive than other companies. However, I after I placed order I realised how “serious” was this company. Thus writes […]

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Interview with Bertrand Russell

This is a wonderful film of Bertrand Russell, interviewed aged around 87. Russell lived so passionately, and was active in so many areas of intellectual and political life, that it is difficult to achieve a true picture of all he was and did. One can study his mathematical logic at university (his History and the […]

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Editing Ethics

Academic fraud policies only partly cover the provision of editing services for under- and post-graduates. St Andrews University’s policy document, for instance, would probably not provide grounds for disciplinary action based on a case in which, for example, a student submitted an essay that he had previously had a professional editor cut down from 3,300 […]

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