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Example 1: 5,000 word conference paper, heavy copyediting required, as well as intricate rephrasing of key concepts. Four hours’ work: £180.

I normally charge GBP£45 per hour; discounts are available, please ask.

Payment can be made in any currency, and would normally be by bank transfer or PayPal.

Example 2: 130,000 word thesis, medium copyediting and extensive formatting work required, including cross-checking twenty-page bibliography. Fifty hours’ work: £2250.


The speed at which I can work depends on the level of changes you require to your text. Over a recent trial sample of twenty-five texts I averaged 1,710 words per hour, within a range of 730 to 3,500 words per hour.

Some typical speeds for typical tasks are as follows:

For developmental editing, which can be very time-consuming, we would negotiate a rate specific to the project. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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