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Brexit, flowing like honey

Melliferous vs Mellifluous Among the many wonderful benefits to flow from the UK Brexit crisis, I am personally grateful to John Bercow, surely one of the greatest Speakers of the British House of Commons, for prompting me to clarify an essential question of word meaning. Calling on honourable members to attend to the explanation by […]

Brilliant Philosophy Covers

Nothing to do with recapitulating well-known philosophical themes with new instrumentation, this is a sequel to an admittedly snide post of a few years back, where I mused that if academic philosophers cannot think of a nice cover for their books, perhaps they should not have written them in the first place. This time we’re […]

Find Straight Quotes and Apostrophes

A normal search for a single or double quote mark will bring up curly (“smart”) quotes/apostrophes as well as straight (dumb) ones. To search only for the straight ones, open the search dialogue box, enable Wildcards searching, and search for ^034 (double quotes) ^039 (single quote) With thanks to Graham Mayor, originally cited at pcreview.

Audit of Democratic Participation

Eleven years ago I was hired by the Scottish Civic Forum to write an assessment of whether the then-new Scottish democracy was meeting the aspirations that had been expressed for it. I had only just finished my PhD, which had had nothing to do with political economy, and I was largely ignorant of Scottish political […]

MS Word: Deleting Blank Line in Footnotes

A blank line is appearing between footnotes in a document I have been sent. When I try to delete the line, from above or below, MS Word tells me that “this is not a valid action for footnotes.” Why can’t the line be deleted? When I reveal formatting, it turns out that it is a […]