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Brilliant Philosophy Covers

Nothing to do with recapitulating well-known philosophical themes with new instrumentation, this is a sequel to an admittedly snide post of a few years back, where I mused that if academic philosophers cannot think of a nice cover for their books, perhaps they should not have written them in the first place. This time we’re […]

Find Straight Quotes and Apostrophes

A normal search for a single or double quote mark will bring up curly (“smart”) quotes/apostrophes as well as straight (dumb) ones. To search only for the straight ones, open the search dialogue box, enable Wildcards searching, and search for ^034 (double quotes) ^039 (single quote) With thanks to Graham Mayor, originally cited at pcreview.

Audit of Democratic Participation

Eleven years ago I was hired by the Scottish Civic Forum to write an assessment of whether the then-new Scottish democracy was meeting the aspirations that had been expressed for it. I had only just finished my PhD, which had had nothing to do with political economy, and I was largely ignorant of Scottish political […]

MS Word: Deleting Blank Line in Footnotes

A blank line is appearing between footnotes in a document I have been sent. When I try to delete the line, from above or below, MS Word tells me that “this is not a valid action for footnotes.” Why can’t the line be deleted? When I reveal formatting, it turns out that it is a […]

MS Word fix: Text direction in comment balloons for documents created in a right-to-left language

Reversing text direction in comment balloons for documents created in a right-to-left language country SOLUTION: Open up a marginal comment to the MS Word file; Click in the marginal comment (i.e. place cursor inside it); Click the left-to-right icon on the upper-most menu strip (normally to the right of ‘View Gridlines’) — text in comment […]