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  1. Hi there,

    It does not solve my problem. If I “go to footnote” in the empty space, it takes me to a valid footnote (no. 3), just as footnote 3 itself. So from what I understand, I have two references to the same footnote. Deleting it also deletes the footnote I want to keep, and then the following footnote (no. 4) has the same formatting problem. Can you help?


  2. Never mind, it was the wrong one I deleted. I should have deleted footnote 2, which caused the problem. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. I had a similar issue: I had a blank footnote that I could not delete.

    When I right-clicked on the footnote, I discovered that it was really an endnote. I chose the option to “convert to footnote” and then deleted the footnote.

  4. Or, just highlight the footnotes, go to ‘paragraph’ and ensure that your ‘spacing’ is set at 0pt ‘after’. This worked for me.

  5. Lis is right, make sure your spacing for ‘after’ in the paragraph field is set to ‘0’, that worked perfectly for me!

    Thanks Lis!!!

  6. I have this same problem- two line spaces between my endote 13 and endnote 14.
    If I right click on the upper line and click on ‘go to endnotes’, it takes me to endtnote 12 in the text. If I do this with the lower line, it takes me to endnote 13 in the text. However, I still don’t have a solution to the problem of the extra space line in the endnotes.
    Why on earth won’t it let me delete the line or even cut the line?

  7. I have the same problem… And I’ve tried everything: changing my footnote to an endnote, changing the style, checking the paragrapph spacing…
    I can’t even select the extra lines: the spacer won’t click on it.

    Any suggestions, anyone??

  8. Found the solution!

    Put the document in “Plan” vue and then you will be able to open the footnote pane by clicking “Show notes”.
    From there, you can select “footnote separator” and it will show you the separator with the extra lines. You should be able to delete them there.

  9. Craig is correct- Lis is right, make sure your spacing for ‘after’ in the paragraph field is set to ‘0’, that worked perfectly for me!

    Worked a total treat- 🙂 solved my whole thesis editing- genius.

  10. I’m struggling with something similar. I can’t delete carriage returns. Followed all the instructions but nothing doing. I have a MacBook Pro, Yosemite, 10.10. Appreciate your help.


  11. Macropod from Australia posted this in 2010 to troubleshoot Word 7. It worked to solve my problem of extra spaces in footnotes. Thanks, Macropod!

    “In that case, click on the ¶ symbol on the Ribbon’s Home tab, to show Word’s formatting marks. At the end of each footnote you should see a ¶. If there’s a gap between that and the next footnote, it means that one or more of your footnote paragraphs has a paragraph before or paragraph after space set.” Also, if there is a second paragraph symbol, delete it; that’s what’s putting in the extra space.

  12. I have a problem with blank spaces between footnotes. Delete and backspace do not work. The use of the para. icon only works on some but not all occasions. I need a solution.

  13. i highlighted the footnotes, right clicked, clicked on paragraph, set the line spacing at “exactly” and the font number to match the font i have chosen for the footnote. in other words you set the spacing to be “exactly” at the “font size” you are using. this tightens things up. The “exactly” setting is not obvious, have to click on the line option.

  14. I need to remove blank lines in footnotes in MS Word. I have tried backspace, delete, and right-click on para.icon; none worked.

  15. Hi — Try this if you haven’t already:

    Go to View menu – select Draft view
    Then go to References – select Show Notes
    Then you get a window in the bottom part of your screen with a drop-down menu showing you the format for the different footnote functions. There might be a paragraph space showing in that window. If you delete it there, and then go back to View:Print Layout, the blank line should have disappeared.

    If that don’t work — send me the document (email address on the Contact Page) and I’ll have a look.

    Best, Ben

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