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  1. Hi there,

    I have read your instructions but the ‘Comment Text’ option isn’t showing in the Changes section of my Word 2007 – how can I change this?


  2. Hi Steve,

    Home ribbon / Styles section / little arrow in the bottom right to expand the style pane /

    Style pane then opens up on right-hand quarter of the screen [the list usually reads .. Clear all / [and then a bunch more in alphabetical order]]

    Bottom right of style pane you have “Options…”. Click and it opens up a new window, with “Select Styles to Show” as the top drop-down; click on that and select “All Styles”.

    Then the number of styles listed in the Style Pane normally increases, and in there somewhere you will have “Comment Text”.

    Hope that helps! Get back to me if it doesn’t.


  3. Very helpful! Now, the little line above the End notes is also aligned right. How to fix that?

  4. Select View / Draft layout

    The select References / Show Notes

    Open up footnote/endnote dialogue box

    Find the endnotes (or footnotes) settings drop down menu

    Select endnote separator. Then the line appears in your lower window. Left click it and use the Paragraph settings dialogue box to set justify-left.

  5. This was enormously helpful, thank you so much!
    I changed the instructions slightly for Word 2010:
    Open a comment bubble and put your cursor in it.
    Go to the Home ribbon and choose left-to-right text direction and left alignment.
    Right-click in comment bubble, go to Styles, and choose Update Comment Text to Match Selection.

  6. Hi, Ben

    How can this be fixed in Word 2000?



  7. I edit on a Mac, so I knew that I needed to use a PC to fix right-to-left issues, but other solutions that I had found for fixing comment text were frustratingly ineffective. Your process, however, worked (on a PC), and I’m so grateful. Thanks very much for sharing this information!

  8. Really glad it helped!

  9. It really helped. thanks

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