3 Responses to “Does SEO spell ‘doom’?”

  1. It’s so sad really, glad you are highlighting it, I am now trying hard to ignore these type of scam businesses. If you offer quality then in the long term you will be more successful and generate a good customer base, word of mouth marketing and an excellent reputation. I love the keyword link, I might just do the same on my blog at some point hehe 🙂 I suggest you make it a nofollow link though or you are just passing page rank to them to do even better!

  2. wow. I’ve just taken a look through their site and I’m shocked at the low quality of written content.

  3. Hi Joe — thanks for dropping by. Yes, it’s shocking. Our award-winning friends seem to be playing a numbers game, counting that their SEO-heavy text will bring them enough clients whose English is not at a level to spot the errors. It may well be that a sucker is born every minute; but someone looking for language support is by no means a sucker. Such sites are a virus of globalization, I guess; but a minor one for all that. I wonder if they ever made back the costs of their SEO consultant.

    On a different topic, I note that your site is very well structured, and extremely clear and professional: but that you also provide proofreading for undergraduate students. Of course, you are completely clear — and admirably so — that you do not check the content of the essays, just the form; but are you sure that working for undergrads is defensible? Several universities I know of have it absolutely banned, for instance (UCL, for one).

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