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Working with Wildcards

Regular expressions provide a language for searching and editing strings of characters. They can be invaluable for academic editing. In MS Word, simple regular expressions are called “wildcards.” Used with care, these can save an editor time and keyboard strokes. You can enable them by Cntrl-F to bring up the Find/Replace dialogue box, clicking “More […]

Editing Ethics

Academic fraud policies only partly cover the provision of editing services for under- and post-graduates. St Andrews University’s policy document, for instance, would probably not provide grounds for disciplinary action based on a case in which, for example, a student submitted an essay that he had previously had a professional editor cut down from 3,300 […]

MS Word Regular Expressions

Regular E

English language training in York, UK

For English language training in York, UK, I recommend the website of John F. King – EFL trainer, novelist and playwrite.